Protect speed and uptime


The best performing websites rely on CDNs, DNS, Platforms, ISPs and Hosting Providers to deliver content faster and more securely to their customers. If your service goes down or slows down, your clients’ sites, users and SLAs will feel the impact.

Catchpoint helps build and strengthen trust between our infrastructure clients and theirs through accurate measurement, instant error alerts and triage, and component isolation monitoring.


One service. Many benefits.

  • 1

    Protect Customer Performance

    Monitor key assets and services to ensure content and data are always delivered seamlessly. Catch performance issues before they impact your clients' performance.

  • 2

    Make the Right Decisions with the Right Analytics

    Understand the different impacts to your performance. Detect and optimize bottlenecks within a distributed infrastructure so you can continue enhancing your service.

  • 3

    Identify and Troubleshoot Issues in Seconds

    Get immediate alerts with details on what it is failing, what caused it, and what the impact will be so you have all the information ready to start fixing the problem.

  • 4

    Manage Client Relationships

    Measure and report performance from the view of your clients or internally. Isolate your impact to their overall load time and stop the finger pointing all too common in vendor/client relationships.