Deliver content faster


Readers are dropping print for digital content’s instant availability, accessibility and variety. Online media is consumed everywhere on smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Your content needs to be fast, reliable and error-free on all browsers and devices to grow readership and ad revenue.

Catchpoint helps media companies deliver high-quality content and an excellent experience to all users through our world-class Real User Measurement (RUM) and Synthetic Monitoring tools.


One service. Many benefits.

  • 1

    Optimize Content for Performance

    Don’t let rich content slow your site down. Find areas for optimization at all levels—from bandwidth to infrastructure to third-party performance. Get media ready for event-driven load and maintain performance throughout.

  • 2

    Conquer Complexity

    Account for the performance of all vendors and services involved in delivering your media. Isolate each asset for deep visibility and easy SLA management.

  • 3

    Make the Right Decisions with the Right Analytics

    Understand how different tags, services and content interact and impact performance. Make further optimizations by correlating real user performance, engagement and revenue data to attract a larger audience.

  • 4

    Identify and Troubleshoot Issues in Seconds

    Get immediate alerts with details on what it is failing, what caused it, and what the impact will be so you have all the information ready to start fixing the problem.