Increase impressions and revenue

Online Advertising

Online advertising has evolved from static images to highly personalized messages delivered in real time. Exchanges, auctions, affiliate programs, retargeting, variable pricing and programmatic buying make the delivery of ads much more complex.

Catchpoint helps online advertising companies deliver fast, high-quality ads every time to ensure impressions and clicks before users navigate away. Eliminate impression/click discrepancies and discover the power of our world-class web monitoring tools.


One service. Many benefits.

  • 1

    Optimize Ads for Performance

    Don’t let rich media slow your ads down. Find areas to optimize content at all levels—from bandwidth to infrastructure to third-party performance.

  • 2

    Have True Visibility

    Gain visibility into complex cloud environments by testing from the outside-in and capturing data custom to your needs. Measure performance in isolation, with other services or from your
    clients’ perspectives.

  • 3

    Make the Right Decisions with the Right Analytics

    Understand your ad performance and how it impacts a website. Measure every component of your delivery chain and optimize further for more impressions and clicks.

  • 4

    Identify and Troubleshoot Issues in Seconds

    Get immediate alerts with details on what it is failing, what caused it, and what the impact will be so you have all the information ready to start fixing the problem.