Real User Measurement

Measure and understand user experience to reach higher conversion rates, sales and revenue.

Performance, Engagement and Revenue Tracking

Glimpse provides you with actual user experience data that shows how content and performance affect revenue and engagement. Correlate performance and user behavior to detect areas for website improvement, increase conversion rates and boost earnings.

Extended Visibility

Extend the visibility provided by Synthetic Monitoring by measuring the quality of more unique user environments. Expand your testing to identify bottlenecks within smaller edge cases and understand your users.

Comprehensive Reporting

Glimpse Reporting makes analysis easy and intuitive, while also providing specific tools to find root causes and not just close approximations. Data is stored for up to four months for extensive reporting and analysis capabilities. Understand how different networks, locations, devices and page elements impact performance, revenue and engagement.

Custom Metrics

In addition to more than 30 standard user and webpage metrics, Glimpse also captures custom-defined metrics based on your needs. Get more precise and calibrated measurements for specific troubleshooting and analytical purposes.

A/B Testing Monitoring

Glimpse easily integrates with A/B testing to properly manage tracking and analytics. Factor the impact of performance and user experience as part of the winning variation selection.