Global Nodes

Monitor performance from all over the world across different networks and carriers with Catchpoint Nodes. Our nodes are dedicated machines custom-engineered to reduce noise in data and eliminate false positive alerts.

Our Backbone nodes are located in Tier 1 datacenters and ISPs. Monitoring from Backbone nodes reduces noise in data and prevents data pollution. This allows you to isolate the elements of quality and performance that are within your IT department’s control, helping you understand the true performance of a website or application.

Measure all the way to the Last Mile to understand performance from consumer ISPs. All of our Last Mile nodes are installed on dedicated machines to make sure that resource contention does not contaminate the data.Last Mile is currently available on ISPs in the United States, United Kingdom and France.

Monitor mobile performance via our 3G and 4G LTE nodes. As data speeds vary greatly between providers, each wireless node location connects to multiple carriers.

Monitor your applications from the first mile within your datacenter. Test upcoming code releases in pre-production environments. Understand connectivity from your branch offices or retail stores to the tools and SaaS providers they rely on. With OnPrem Agent, you can keep customers happy and colleagues productive from anywhere.