Analytics Engine

Behind Catchpoint’s powerful analytics engine is a NoSQL database built from the ground up. Our proprietary database is fast, scalable and intelligently integrates with your custom metrics no matter the data type. All analysis is performed on the fly, giving you unrestricted access to any type of calculations — from median to standard deviation. Don’t be limited by averages — examine data through different statistical models, such as percentiles, IQR, standard deviation, geometric mean and geometrical standard deviation. Synthetic Monitoring data is stored in raw format and is not pre-aggregated.

Data Collection

Our Synthetic agent technology captures an extensive collection of metrics that reflect every aspect of delivering your online service. Catchpoint’s entire Synthetic Monitoring suite collects health and performance metrics from the network, server, application and content on every test run. Glimpse, Real User Measurement, leverages the Navigation Timing API to collect detailed and accurate data based on specific browser events. Glimpse also uses a heuristic method to collect user timings, providing real user performance data across all browsers with or without support for Navigation Timing. Supplement our extensive Synthetic and RUM metric set with custom metrics, based on any information you want to capture or measure.


Catchpoint is powered by a worldwide network of agents deployed in Tier-1 facilities with dedicated links from key backbone providers. Each major point of presence connects to multiple service providers so you can measure network latency impacts such as peering and routing. Companies using Catchpoint have complete coverage of their infrastructure and user base — from geographical locations and backbone networks, to private networks, mobile networks and consumer ISPs.


Our alerting platform allows you to define alerts based on the timing of any of our standard and custom metrics, content, code, network health and availability. Alerts can be based on static thresholds, dynamic historical values, or detection of trend shifts so you can be notified the moment things start to slow down. Escalate issues to different members of the team with Warning and Critical thresholds. Get alerts via email, SMS and our Alert Push API with all of the information needed to start troubleshooting right away, including client and server IPs, debugging and troubleshooting information, and the geographical impact of the issue.

Agile Development

The web is constantly changing and so is your technology. Catchpoint’s agile development process provides new features and enhancements 10-12 times a year to make sure our customers’ needs are always met. Participate in feature roadmap planning by suggesting and voting on new ideas at any time.